Saturday, June 2, 2012


This was just the "HOLE" to a s' marvelous day!  I have been wanting to build a fire pit in the backyard, and have had a ton of ideas on what to do, then the other night as I was going to bed I thought of a barrel...that would be perfect!  So the next morning I called dad up and ask if he would bring one, well a half of one up so I can build my masterpiece....I hope!   We left at 6AM with Adrienne, Braden, and Edward still sleeping.  Adrienne would be leaving to work at 10:30 and that would leave Braden and Edward home alone!  Was a worried....maybe a little, however I knew no matter what happened Braden would take care of Edward and the 2 of them would be OK.  Braden got his pool out and put it at the end of the slide and Edward had a blast!  When Adrienne got home they were ready to come in the house, so Adrienne gave him a bath and had him all cleaned up and ready for bed when we got home!

Oliver and Paul after attending the Twin Falls Temple on June 2nd  2012!  I was so amazed how this day came together.  Wednesday, before Oliver had even met with the Stake Pres, I decided we should plan a day for him to go to the temple before Paul had to leave on the 12th of June to the MTC.  In passing Trevor mentioned that he was going to be at Wood badge all week leaving Sunday the 3rd and coming home Saturday the 9th.   WOW that left us Saturday (Oliver needed time to talk to his boss and trade shifts around)  I went ahead and called the temple to schedule a time hoping Oliver would be able to switch shifts with someone.  Well he called me Thursday and let me know that he was able to get the day off!  WOW more that I could have ask for that was so awesome!  It was just so amazing as to how things fell into place to make this possible with such short notice!

Paul went through the temple mid May so this was his second time .  His dad was not able to make it , and I forgot to take a camera when he went through the first time, so we snapped some shots of Paul and his mom.

Every time I go into the temple there is such a huge range of feeling and thoughts that are really starting to open up me.  Today I was very overwhelmed with the amount of family that was there with us...unseen but very much felt.  This was one of those joyous day where heaven was celebrating!  I was a little sad that more of my siblings weren't able to make it, but now looking back I was so blessed to be there and able to focus on the unseen family!  

We finished off the day at River Rock Grill.  One of the waitresses didn't show up today, and there was a lot of people there and the poor gal that was left to take everyone's orders and keep glasses filled did an amazing job, and the food was great, but the company was even better!  It was a HUGE HOLE IN ONE!  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My little Rule Breaker

My little rule breaker!
Trevor and I went to Shoe Carnival he got away and this is where I found him.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Subtle and Neutral Colors

What can I say!!!  His words I will buy a black coat so I can wear it on my mission if I go to a cold place!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

One First I didn't see coming!!!

Just in case you didn't catch it here lets try this...
Do you see it now...that is right, Braden baptized his friend!
Braden came up this morning and said to me " I am going to baptize my friend today?"  So for all of you that know Braden he sometimes says one thing, and with a little twist means something else.  I just stared at him trying to figure out what he was saying.  He repeated it three times, and I don't know how many times I repeated it to him, but lets just say it really caught me off guard.  He said "Well you know I can, right?" I replied "yes'' then said "Well I told Dad, he knew about it."  Well there is the breakdown in communication!
Braden and Nathan
Braden, Nathan, Michaela (Nathan's Mom) and Robert (baptizing Michaela)
This is with the missionaries Bro & Sister McMullin.
I wish I could have taken a picture of the actual event, it was so cute, Nathan's younger brother, and Edward were kneeling right in front of the font, with their noses up against the glass, only to have there older brothers in the font.  It was so cute.  The evening was amazing, Nathan's dad was there, and he seemed like a really neat guy.  I hope he follows his son's example!  Over all I was really super proud of Braden and he did an awesome job!

Giveaway Ultimate Date Night Finale~ 2 winners

Giveaway Ultimate Date Night Finale~ 2 winners

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jumpin' Jungle

 So the pictures aren't that great, but we had a good time.  Katie invited me and Edward out to Jumpin' Jungle a long time ago, but then I had the hysterectomy, and really wasn't up to running around, climbing, and jumping.  Well this morning I went to the doc for my 6 week follow-up, and all was well.  I was released from any and all restrictions.  Jumpin' Jungle here we come!  I talked Braden into coming also, because I knew Katie's older kids would be there also, and I knew that Makade would love to play with Braden. (it is amazing how alike those 2 are).  They all played really hard and had a great time.  I forgot my camera, so the cell phone photos are all I have! 

He loved these little cars!

And the slides & jump houses

Braden and I helped him up the first few times, and went down with him

And then he was on his own, and climbed it in know time!

Just watching some other kids trying to climb up the slied

He fell off one of the toys onto the padded floor, and realized that he could jump around and smash into the wall and even fall and it didn't hurt!

Having a real tough time finding pants that will stay up on the boy, and not be high waters!  

 We had a blast!  I came home so tired and sore.... I think I need to ease into this no restriction thing though, but a good tired /sore though!